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We are located in North Carolina and we raise
Boer Goats on our family owned farm sense 2020.

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Grassy Creek Goat Farm started as an idea a few years ago, and it grew into a reality in 2022. We started with a bottle baby buckling, and a few non-registered doe's and the idea of only raising the best quality meat goat we could. Well, we now offer meat goats, registered breed stock as well as some show goats.

Shane (my husband) and me (Angela) have been around farm animals our entire lives. We take pride in raising the best quality animals possible. All of our goats are current on vaccines and hoof maintenance. We provide our goats with the best quality feed and keep them on rich green pastures, with access to plenty of forage as well as top quality hay. We also handle our goats everyday to ensure. even the first time goat farmer can handle them with ease. Weather it be in a show ring or on their farm.

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Here are a few of our featured goats, if you would like to check on availability on any
of our goats please contact us at the link below!

Boer Doe (Adult)


Boer doe for sale!
Lot #00001

Currently In Auction

Boer Buckling

Bid Start at $400

Boer Buckling for sale!
Lot #00002

Currently In Auction

Boer Buckling

Bid Start at $400

Boer Buckling for sale!
Lot #00003

Currently In Auction

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If you spot a goat on our website that you are interested in and it has a Currently In Auction tag. Please visit our Facebook page to place a bid on the goat before it sells.

All other goats that do not have this tag, you may submit your form to the right and we will reach out to you shortly.

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